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1. Who are licensed producers of Authentic Eames furniture? I have seen "Authentic Replicas" are those the same?
Herman Miller and Vitra are the sole licensed manufacturers of all Eames Furniture.  Eames furniture is sold in the Americas, Austraila and Asia by Herman Miller.  In the UK, Europe and Middle East, Vitra is the Authorized Manufacturer. All Authorized retailers and furniture will have either the Herman Miller or Vitra logo.

2. I would like an Eames Office image or would like to do a showing of an Eames film, how do I proceed?
For licensing and permissions for images and film owned by the Eames Office, please see the following page for information:


3. What is the Eames Foundation, is it the same as the Eames Office?
The Eames Office is proud to be a Founding Sponsor of the Eames Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to preserving and maintaining the Eames House as well as creating educational experiences that draw from the work of Charles and Ray.

For more information on the Eames Foundation and how you can be part of preserving a National Historoic Landmark, please visit: www.eamesfoundation.org

4. Do you ship international?
With the exception of furniture, we do ship all our other products internationally.

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